Global launch of multi-board surf travel cases using patented Paua materials technology

It’s not every day that you feature in a viral video kit-run through from the greatest surfer of all time. Paua have been honoured to build Kelly Slater’s Surfboard travel cases – that over the last six years have been used to transport his boards for hundreds of thousands of miles across the globe for all manner of events, including the World Surf League championship tours.

Kelly Slater is not the only surf professional to recognise the unique capabilities of Paua’s material technology and its superior performance. Behind the scenes we have been working with a new brand founded by industry experts, technical innovators and passionate surfers. AEGIS, launching this summer will release the world’s first exclusive surfboard multi-board travel case and single travel bags made from patented Paua materials technology.

Paua materials provide a high level of protection while remaining ultra-lightweight perfect for air and all types of travel. Abrasion, cut and penetration-resistant the Paua materials will also protect customers surfboards from the harshest elements, including the sun, sea, sand, and salt.

The new product range set to revolutionise the surfboard bag market, not only provide maximum protection, but it has been designed and built with minimum environment impact. Harnessing the Paua materials technology ensures that the core technology within the bags will be 100% recyclable at end of life. Paua has provided AEGIS with a sustainable and superior material solution to using traditional materials such as EVA and EPE foams. The environmental impact of Paua materials is up to 200 times lower in manufacturing, processing and recycling.

Plastics can take hundreds or thousands of years to decompose, and they wreak havoc on the environment. Microplastics have been detected in marine organisms ranging from plankton to whales; in commercial seafood; and even in drinking water. But unlike the materials in conventional surfboard bags, the Paua materials release zero microplastic waste during its entire lifecycle.

Combining the ultimate protection, beautiful design and highest quality with being the most sustainable surfboard travel cases and bags on planet we can’t wait to see these products launching.. To learn more about the launch of AEGIS, and keep an eye on their website for the first limited pre-orders launching soon –

“Paua was originally born out of the frustration of sports equipment being damaged in transit, it's with great excitement we returned to our routes with this project. Many years of design and development has gone into creating the most protective, highest quality and most sustainable surfboard travel cases and bags on our beautiful planet. We're exciting to see the AEGIS products launching globally this summer.”

Peter Bladd-SymmsCEO & Founder of Paua