Patented Performance Materials

The Paua Defense division have many years of active service in specialist branches of international defense forces. This experience and their networks combined with the Paua teams material expertise are resulting in delivery of world class solutions to the defense sector.

Paua performance materials have been a groundbreaking development for the defense sector, used in a wide range of applications to provide additional protection, reduce weight, increase strength, rigidity and durability. The Paua materials are highly configurable and widely used in products ranging from mission critical gun, drone and electronics cases to packaging systems, load-bearing carry and harness systems.

The suite of Paua materials are a replacement to traditional materials such as rotary moulded plastics, heavy webbings, aluminium, EVA, and EPE foams. Paua far outperforms these materials due to it’s strength, durability and long life. With Manufacturing and technical centres worldwide including now in the USA, where Berry Compliance and domestic origin are required, Paua is uniquely positioned to service tactical and defence customers in the location they require.


Limitless Applications

Paua materials are extremely versatile and as the experts our Paua team and worldwide manufacturing partners can work closely with you to advise on the best material solutions for your requirements. Paua materials, can be added into existing products to provide additional strength, rigidity and durability, or can be used to reduce weight by replacing more traditional materials such as plastics and thick fabric webbings.

Our Paua Pro materials have been used in a wide range of applications where weight reduction and durability has been key for military or tactical personnel these range from from belts to carry systems and holster mounting plates to knife sheaths.

Our newest material Paua Extreme is suitable for low and high pressure moulding, and alongside our Paua Foams is used to create rigid hard cases. These can be used to transport mission critical electronics, medical equipment, drones and weaponry. Cases constructed from the Paua materials provide superior strength to traditional rotary moulded cases, weigh half as much, and can be built with constructions strong enough to drive a truck over them!

Customisable Protection Levels

Paua has a full suite materials, which can be combined or customised in thickness and density to meet customers particular requirements.

From Paua Extreme 3D woven in 450, 750, 900, and 1200 gsm2 weights which can be moulded at high and low temperatures to Paua Pro bonded sheets from 0.1mm to 3.5mm+ thickness. In additional a range of EPP and EPPm (microcellular foams) in custom skived thicknesses adding additional impact protection, rigidity and thermal properties.

Unlike traditional materials Paua is naturally inert, low in weight, resistant to delimitation, chemicals and UV and other elements. Paua is extremely versatile and can be made virtually bullet-proof, with additional layers increasing impact resistance, stiffness and general protective qualities.

Paua materials are available for purchase directly , and license for use in products under Paua patents where appropriate.

Paua Protective case attached to drone

The performance of Paua materials has been independently researched, tested and proven.

This testing, in accordance with stringent industry standards, has verified the inimitable strength, durability and protective qualities of Paua materials. The results emphatically demonstrate that Paua outperforms the materials used in competitor products by a staggering margin.


To find out more about Paua, or to purchase materials contact us today.