Paua are delighted to have been selected as the winner of SME News Award for Best Sustainable Protection Packaging Company 2022.

We are on a mission to revolutionise the packaging market by eradicating single use materials with products that are reusable, significantly reduce carbon footprint and provide superior solutions to traditional packaging. Maximum performance, with minimum impact on the environment.

Paua’s energy, and enthusiasm to drive change, has seen the team spending a number of years developing a range of logistics solutions that move away from materials harmful to the environment towards solutions that following the reuse, repair, repurpose and finally recycle model.

With 2021’s global cardboard shortage, plastic tax, and rising costs, globally there is a high increase in demand for multi-use/reusable packaging solution that has a much longer lifecycle than recyclable materials and a lower impact on the environment.

Sustainability is continuing to be high on the agenda of businesses globally, right down to SME level. Increasingly customers are pressurising businesses to be transparent about their sustainability, and with larger brands we are seeing this transparency reflected in their marketing, on websites and even printed on their packaging.

At Paua we have been working hard behind the scenes measuring the impact of our reusable logistics products versus single use or recyclable after one use packaging options. The results provide an extremely positive picture for any business looking to implement reusable packaging, with our pallet wrap alone achieving 200 times lower Co2 than its single use counter part shrink wrap.

Looking forward to 2023, Paua are looking forward to trialling globally our new envelope box, a reusable, durable courier box that folds into an envelope for return, currently at 249 reuses and counting.

If you business is interested in trialling reusable packaging or knowing more about our logistics solutions, get in touch with our team via

“There are no solutions in the market that compare to Paua products, our patented material technologies are ground-breaking. I am absolutely thrilled that the team have been recognised for the work undertaken to develop our protective, reusable and recyclable packaging products. As a sustainability advocate I challenge any brand that believes they are sustainable to further investigate the impact of recyclable packaging materials vs reusable.”

Emma CoxManaging Director