Paua launches it’s reusable Box for Life packaging

With sustainability at the forefront of government and business agendas worldwide, all aspects of waste that we expend are under scrutiny, ranging from food packaging to consumer goods delivery packaging. New legislation pressures such as ERP (Extended Producer Responsibility) are implemented and the appetite from consumers for a packaging solution that is reusable is on the rise. In a recent report 83% of consumers being very likely or likely to buy a product in refillable/reusable packaging, a higher percentage than if the sustainability claim was related to recyclable or biodegradable packaging.*

Recent surveys have also found that over 50% of consumers in Europe are putting recycling at the top of their list to reduce climate change*, showing the willingness of consumers to play their individual parts, as well as indicating an expectation on brands to respond to the need for more environmentally friendly packaging. With these growing pressures now is the time for more businesses and logistics companies to look at how they could adopt reusable packaging solutions.

Our mission at Paua has always been to deliver reusability that does not compromise performance, that’s why we designed our ‘Box for Life’ – a reusable replacement to limited use bio plastics, plastics and cardboard, providing a robust packaging solution that is built to last.

Paua is a ground-breaking material technology with multiple applications including bags, boxes and cases, which is 100% recyclable at end of life. Our mono composite material offers outstanding impact protection, abrasion and cut resistance, whilst also being lightweight and weather resistant. Our Box for Life can be used to transport items in transit, then folded flat and returned to sender for a truly circular packaging solution.

Paua materials are also fully recyclable at end of life, and with its durable nature promotes a reuse, repair, repurpose, recycle model. Our Box for Life is reusable up to 250 times, compared to only 7 times recyclability for a cardboard box. The environmental footprint of Paua material is also up to 3 times lower than single-use recyclable cardboard packaging. This reusable solution significantly reduces the impact to the environment over traditional materials that either cannot be recycled or are recycled after minimal use.

There are many applications where reusable packaging can be implemented from circular internal business to business deliveries, to customer in-store collections, and ecommerce subscription models. The challenge remains with reusable packaging the implementation of robust processes to ensure return of the packaging to enable it to be a truly sustainable solution. Change is already afoot, with  global logistics suppliers such as DHL paving the way, and ecommerce businesses and with business models ranging from return credits or refundable deposits giving consumers the choice to go reusable.

For more information on Paua materials technology visit our website, or email us on to discuss how the Box for Life reusable packaging could by implemented in your business.


* source: Trivium Packaging

* source: Climate Europa