Moulded Cases & Structural Components

World’s first in materials technology

The newest material within the Paua range, Paua Extreme is a 3D composite weave which can be processed and supplied as sheet form or as 3D woven roll fabric form for low- and high-pressure moulding.

Due to its unique 3D weave the Paua Extreme has increased performance and strength across the board, during testing the material outperformed flat woven composite polypropylene with increased tensile strength, penetration and impact resistance.

The material also has draping qualities which allow thermoforming and moulding into parts such as clam shell cases, components and structural applications.

Patented Performance Materials

Paua Extreme’s material combined with our microcellular foam can be used to make clam shell cases. This new patented technology is a worlds first, lighter and stronger than rotary moulded plastic, shatterproof and a far superior but yet cost solution to nylon covered foam cases.

In addition to the performance capabilities, Paua’s core materials technologies are 100% recyclable at end of life. Paua brings sustainability to the forefront in areas of application where function and performance are of key importance and sustainability usually comes last.

As the newest material in Paua’s technologies suite Paua Extreme has draping qualities allowing thermoforming into parts at low temperatures. This can be done with the material alone or combined with Paua’s range of microcellular foams. As with all Paua’s materials, this technology comes in a range of weights and thicknesses, enabling customers to build to their required specifications.

Performance, Strength, Durability

Paua Extreme used structural components and rigid cases is an innovative multilayered woven fabric. Its dense weave allows manufacturers to use a single sheet of fabric to achieve desired performance results without the need to use multiple layers of conventional layered fabric, saving weight, processing time and eliminating the risk of delamination.

Paua Extreme has Increased penetration, impact resistance, and tensile qualities compared to flat woven composite materials.


Manufacturers and brands can achieve select from an option of finishes and surface textures. Paua has Manufacturing partners and technical centers in the UK, China, Taiwan, and now in the USA, where Berry Compliance and domestic origin are required.

Protective Case

The performance of Paua has been independently tested.

Paua Extreme unlike other composite materials is constructed in 3D, which creates an infinite weave of material. This innovative approach to material technology create a stronger material that outperforms flat weave composite materials with increased penetration and impact resistance and a higher tensile strength.

Paua also provides a sustainable and superior material solution to using traditional polymer materials such as PVC or PE plastics.


For more information about Paua materials, or to make your order get in touch with the Paua team.