Performance materials for Pharmaceuticals

Paua materials have provided the ultimate in lightweight impact protection for the transportation of vaccines, medication, and medical equipment. Used in temperature regulated vaccine carriers, insulin cases and vaccine drone delivery boxes Paua provides tear and penetration resistance with unbeatable durability against more traditional cases comprising of fabrics and plastics.

The suite of Paua materials can be infinitely configured providing levels of protection that can be customised to suit every product requirement.

Tear and penetration resistant and with unbeatable durability Paua provides a solution to transporting medical items unlike any competitor in the market place.

Due to its thermal properties and inert nature Paua materials have been used in a number of medical applications, from temperature regulated vaccine carriers to insulin cases and vaccine drone delivery boxes.

Paua can work with customers to advise on the best material solutions to meet the required specification for protection, temperature control or durability. The materials are available for purchase, and license for use in products under Paua patents where appropriate.

With Manufacturing and technical centers in the UK, China, Taiwan, and now in the USA, where Berry Compliance and domestic origin are required, Paua is uniquely positioned to service the thermoplastic/composite industry worldwide.

Image credit:  Softbox Systems Ltd
Image credit: Softbox Systems Ltd

The performance of Paua has been independently tested and proven.

This testing, in accordance with stringent industry standards, has verified the inimitable strength, durability and protective qualities of Paua materials. The results emphatically demonstrate that Paua Technology outperforms the materials used in competitor products by a staggering margin.


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