Performance Material Solutions

Paua materials provide the ultimate in lightweight, strong and durable solutions to build bags and cases for the transport of high value musical instruments.

The Paua materials far outperform traditional materials used in musical instrument cases such as plastics, EVA, and EPE foams due to strength, durability and long life. Paua is naturally inert, low in weight, and resistant to chemicals, UV, and other elements.

Hard protective case handle

Customisable levels of protection

Paua has worked with a number of customers to provide material solutions for instrument cases, boxes and bags.

All materials are suitable for low, and high-pressure thermoforming into complex shapes and deep draft tooling through various thermoforming processes. Manufacturers and brands can achieve select from an option of finishes and surface textures.

Customised to the degree of protection required by customers, Paua provides the market leading material solution for protection of your instrument.

Hard protective case handle

The performance of Paua has been independently tested and proven.

This testing, in accordance with stringent industry standards, has verified the inimitable strength, durability and protective qualities of Paua materials. The results emphatically demonstrate that Paua materials outperform the materials used in bags by a staggering margin.


Paua materials can be customised to your specific levels required of protection.