Ultimate protection travel cases and bags

Paua was born out of the frustration of sports equipment being damaged in transit.

Team Paua have developed the ultimate in lightweight, durable and highly protective materials, bags and cases for the sport and outdoor industries. We have developed a range of products for our customers from surfboard bags to bike cases for sports enthusiasts through to Olympic teams.

Providing highly protective, lightweight and durable solutions. Tear and penetration resistant, Paua is the ultimate lightweight protection material that is both water resistant and fully recyclable.


Paua can be constructed from separate foldable panel sections. These patent pending designs can be hinged and folded thus facilitating easy storage and transportation.

Protective Travel Snowboard Case

The performance of Paua packaging materials technology has been independently researched, tested and proven.

This testing, in accordance with stringent industry standards, has verified the inimitable strength, durability and protective qualities of Paua packaging materials technology.


In addition to developing new products, Paua can be added to existing designs and products.
Highly customisable, Paua can be designed and manufactured to your specific requirements including colours, designs and levels of protection.