Patented Performance Materials

Performance, Strength, Durability

Paua are a UK-based material technology company, who have developed a suite of high-performance, patented 100% polypropylene materials. With Manufacturing and technical centers in the UK, China, Taiwan, and now in the USA,  Paua is uniquely positioned to service the thermoplastic and composite industry worldwide.

Paua was originally born out of the frustration of sports equipment being damaged in transit, the initial constructions of the Paua materials were used in first of their kind foldable high protection surfboard cases used to transport high value surfboards around the globe. Since 2016 Paua has dedicated years to researching and developing a suite of polypropylene materials, patenting the innovative combinations, applications and uses in a wide range of products.

These innovative materials are available in raw 3D woven roll goods Paua Extreme, sheet stock Paua Pro, and two different foam densities that are available for purchase, and license for use in products under Paua patents where appropriate. To enquire about purchasing materials, please get in touch via our contact page.



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Revered by the Maori as a treasure from the god of the sea. Deep cold water produces an extraordinarily hard shell of amazing iridescence. This shell protects the Abalone from all the sea can throw at it.


Our Materials Technology

The suite of Paua materials far outperforms traditional materials such as plastics, aluminium, carbon fibre, EVA, and EPE foams due to strength, durability and long life. Paua is naturally inert, low in weight, and resistant to delamination, chemicals, UV, and other elements. The materials are highly configurable and widely used in products ranging from sporting goods, clamshell cases, bags, packaging, load-bearing carry and harness systems, automotive, medical, and tactical applications. With sustainability as a core pillar, Paua materials are also 100% recyclable.

The potential uses for Paua are limitless, a thirst for innovation drives the team forward to continually develop material enhancements and combinations, and to supporting customers with new applications for products.

Why choose Paua?

Performance Materials

  • Lightweight
  • Water Resistant
  • Thermally efficient
  • 100% recyclable


  • High impact resistance
  • Outperforms traditional materials on strength and weight
  • Protects products or equipment better than any other competing offer on the market
  • Fully customisable material solutions dependent on customer requirements


  • Penetrative and abrasive resistant
  • Outstanding impact and tear resistance
  • Inert nature
  • Independently researched and tested in accordance with stringent industry standards

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