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Performance Materials

Performance, Strength and Durability.

Paua are a UK based material company that produce high performance composite 100% polypropylene materials, that are available to purchase, and license for use in products under Paua patents where appropriate.

The suite of Paua performance materials far outperforms traditional materials such as plastics, aluminium, carbon fiber, EVA, and EPE foams due to their strength, durability and long life. Paua is naturally inert, low in weight, and resistant to delamination, chemicals, UV, and other elements.

The full suite consists of sheet materials in several weights and thicknesses: Paua Extreme 3D woven in 450, 750, 900, and 1200 gsm2 weights, and Paua Pro bonded sheets from 0.1mm to 3.5mm+ thickness, EPP and EPPm (microcellular foams) in custom skived thicknesses.

All materials are suitable for low, and high-pressure thermoforming into complex shapes and deep draft tooling through various thermoforming processes. Manufacturers and brands can achieve select from an option of finishes and surface textures.

Bespoke levels of protection

Paua materials technology is infinitely configurable, meaning that the level of protection applied to a particular product, or even key areas of a particular product, can be customised in every case.

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The most requested Paua solution for product protection, Paua Pro is a composite material available sheet form in a wide range of thicknesses 1 layer to 35+ layer.

Used to replace traditional materials such as plastics, aluminium, carbon fiber etc providing protection, reinforcement, or structure where required.

Widely available in black, silver, natural, other colours are available with volume.

  • Infinitely configurable protection capabilities
  • Used in isolation or with Paua foam for additional impact protection.
  • Suitable for machine sewing
  • Cut by hand, laser, CNC
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Our newest range of material in the family, Paua Extreme an innovative multilayered woven fabric, its dense weave allows manufacturers to use a single sheet of fabric to achieve desired performance results without the need to use multiple layers of conventional layered fabric, saving weight, processing time and eliminating the risk of delamination.

Paua Extreme has Increased penetration, impact resistance, and tensile qualities compared to flat woven composite materials.

  • Exclusively available in 3D woven roll form in three weights, 450, 750 and 900gsm2
  • Available in sheet form in three weights, 450, 750 and 900gsm2
  • Can be combined with Paua Foams to build rigid clamshell cases
  • Machine sewable in sheet form
Paua Lite Logo

Paua Lite is a hybrid material layup of the Paua Pro composite and Paua Foam materials. The two materials are fused together during the processing stage to create an extremely strong material solution, that is ultra-light weight.

  • Available in sheet form in various thicknesses
  • Paua skin, bonded directly to Paua foam
  • Providing extreme protection at our lightest
  • Textured finish
  • Suitable for machine sewing
  • Cut by hand, laser, CNC
Paua Foam Logo

Paua Foam is a highly versatile closed cell bead foam. Providing a unique range of properties including outstanding impact protection, thermal insulation, and water resistance.

Available in a range of thicknesses and weights, providing high strength to low weight ratio. Outperforms traditional EVA + EPE foams.

  • Used in isolation or with Paua Pro material for added protection
  • 100% recyclable at end of life, low carbon footprint
  • Can be cut by hand, laser or CNC
  • Machine sewable
Paua Microcellular Foam Logo

Paua Microcellular Foam is a high density closed cell bead foam. Due to its higher density than Paua Foam it provides an increased level of impact protection.

Available in a range of thicknesses and weights, providing high strength to low weight ratio.

  • Used in isolation with Paua Pro or moulded with Paua Extreme
  • 100% recyclable at end of life, low carbon footprint.
  • Outperforms traditional EVA + EPE foams
  • Can be cut by hand, laser or CNC
  • Machine sewable

Impact Resistance

Paua materials offer outstanding impact resistance, defending your product better than any other competing offering on the market and customisable to whatever degree of protection you need.

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Due to its unique structure of shock-resistant and absorbent materials, energies and forces which are created on impact are dispersed, dissipated and dampened through novel layering, meaning Paua materials are capable of withstanding the heaviest of collisions whilst deferring force from its core.

Penetration Resistance

Any material claiming comprehensive protection must offer a good level of penetration resistance. Paua provides penetration resistance against industrial hazards such glass and needles, to natural thorns and spines.

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As with tearing, a hole of any type presents a potential protective failure and Paua materials have been independently tested to ensure it offers the ultimate in penetration resistance. When faced with ISO 13996 (commonly known as the “nail test”) Paua Pro offered close to 5 times the protection provided by a standard “soft’ bag of 10mm EPE/EVA foam covered by an outer fabric nylon or PE material.

Abrasion Resistance

By the very nature of their function, protective bags and cases are dragged, pulled and scraped against a range of abrasive surfaces and exposed to numerous damaging particles and materials (such as salt, rock and sand).

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A scuffed reduces the protective calibre of the outer layers of the bag material. Paua material has been independently tested (according to EN 388:2003 (6.1)) in directly comparative tests against standard bag materials; various Paua provided at least twice the abrasion resistance of the market benchmark bag.


Durability means resilience, retained structural integrity and longevity. In many styles of protective bags and packaging, this deterioration is concealed from view beneath nylon outer layering, such that the degraded performance protection only becomes noticeable when the encased product suffers damage.

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Paua materials offers unmatched resilience to rebound and multiple hit characteristics. In carefully controlled tests carried out by an independent leading accredited test organisation, no visible damage was noted to high-end sports equipment protected by Paua  even after more than 100 repeat impacts were inflicted on the same precise location.

Cut Resistance

It can take only a minimal tear to signal the end of a bag’s protective qualities; creating a point of weakness, allowing external elements in and making the bag susceptible to further tearing, damage and ultimate functional failure.

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Paua materials provide a high performance, tear-resistant fabric, which under rigorous laboratory testing, offered a standard of cut resistance significantly greater than that offered by its closest market competitor.


In almost every example of protective packaging to date, increased protection means increased weight. Paua materials bring a revolutionary solution to this dilemma by providing both lightness and strength.

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Bags and cases manufactured with Paua Technology are as light or lighter than traditional ‘soft bags’ yet still offer extensive impact resistance. Taking Paua Pro as an example, impact resistance is improved by 800% when compared with competitor technology.


Paua materials offer a superior lightweight multi use solution replacing single use packaging, whilst providing a robust and durable solution that is built to last.

Paua applications are limitless, and highly configurable to our customers requirements, whilst offering outstanding impact protection, tear and weather resistance.

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Paua materials can be constructed in separate foldable panel sections which can be hinged and folded facilitating returnable packaging realising important volumetric savings on freight and transportation.

By providing a multi use solution to packaging, Paua helps their customers achieve their environmental sustainability goals.


Paua materials not only offers a solution that has durability and is re-useable, but upon end of life of the product it can be fully recycled.

Paua core material components can be melted low temperature which reduces carbon footprint, the resulting beads can then be re-used to make further raw materials.

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Paua are committed to conducting our business in a sustainable manner, which respects and preserves our planet. We have taken great care in selecting our partners. Our raw component material is purchased from suppliers that recycle all of their scrap and waste material into polymer pellets which are then used to produce certain types of products, making their manufacturing process both environmentally efficient.

To enquire about purchasing or licensing material, contact us.