Market Leading Sustainable Materials Technology

Our mission is to revolutionise the packaging market with our patented ground-breaking materials technology, by eradicating single use materials with solutions that are environmentally sustainable, significantly reduce carbon footprint and provide superior performance.


When both performance and nature matter

Paua is a ground-breaking sustainable material technology used in bags, boxes and cases. Offering outstanding impact protection, abrasion and cut resistances whilst being lightweight, weather resistant and fully recyclable. There is no material or solution like it on the market. Paua materials are 100% recyclable at end of life, and with its durable nature promotes a reuse, repair, repurpose, recycle model. Significantly reducing the impact to the environment over traditional materials that either cannot be recycled or are recycled after one use.


Environmental Benefits

Paua significantly reduces the impact to the environment over traditional materials that either cannot be recycled or are recycled after one use. The environmental footprint of Paua material is 2-3 times lower than single-use recyclable cardboard packaging.

Paua material uses less energy to produce and therefore releases fewer greenhouse emissions than any other synthetic fibre. Paua material production results in no toxic emissions or harmful fluorocarbons or halogens.

Paua Material composition

Green Logistics

Paua’s material technology can be used to create robust reusable packaging products, replacing single use packaging, or packaging that must be recycled after one use. The products provide an attractive combination of cost effectiveness on a per use basis, up to 75%+ cost savings in some product instances. The reusability significantly reduces packaging waste and saves considerable CO2. Paua materials superior performance provide more protection than traditional materials, are lighter weight, weather resistant and easily cleanable.


Maximum Protection, Minimum Environmental Impact

Paua’s material technology can be moulded without specialist tooling to create high impact protection and crush resistant cases. From laptop to sunglasses and device cases Paua materials provide the ultimate protection for high value products. Lighter than plastic, EVA or aluminium cases and provides customers a sustainable and superior alternative to environmentally harmful traditional materials.


Paua’s applications are limitless

Customisable to whatever degree of protection you need and manufactured to your specification. We work with customers to develop products in a wide variety of sectors. From surfboard bags and bike cases for the sports market to vaccine carriers and reusable packaging for global logistics businesses. Paua protects your products and equipment better than anything else on the market in a sustainable manner.






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