Patented Performance Materials

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Innovative Materials Technology

Paua are a UK-based materials technology company, who have developed a suite of high-performance, patented 100% polypropylene materials. These innovative materials are available in sheet form, raw 3D woven rolls, and two different foam sheet options. Paua materials are available for purchase, and for license in the use of products under Paua patents where appropriate.

The suite of Paua materials far outperforms traditional materials such as plastics, aluminium, carbon fibre, EVA, and EPE foams due to strength, durability and long life. Paua is naturally inert, low in weight, and resistant to delamination, chemicals, UV, and other elements.

Paua materials are highly configurable and widely used in products ranging from sporting goods, clamshell cases, bags, packaging, load-bearing carry and harness systems, automotive, medical, and tactical applications. With sustainability as a core pillar, Paua materials are also 100% recyclable.

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Thermoforming and moulding

Paua’s performance materials can be moulded without specialist tooling to create high strength, crush resistant and durable cases. Our newest within the range of Paua materials, Paua Extreme is a 3D composite weave which can be supplied as 3D roll fabric form for low- and high-pressure moulding.

Paua Extreme has increased penetration, impact resistance, and tensile qualities compared to flat woven composite materials. With unique draping qualities which allow thermoforming into parts such as hard cases, holsters and other tactical accessories, providing a lighter replacement to applications where heavy plastics, carbon or metals are normally used.


Environmental Benefits

Paua performance materials brings sustainability to the forefront in areas of application where function and performance are of key importance and sustainability usually comes last.

Using Paua materials within your consumer products creates a higher strength and longevity, therefore reducing the use of alternative plastic non-recyclable products with much higher overall environmental impact.

One of the three lowest environmental footprints of all performance polymer materials used in consumer and industrial products. Amongst all, synthetic fibres – the only one being a by-product, Paua has a with energy use and greenhouse emissions than any other fibre polymer resin.

Paua Material composition

Paua’s applications are limitless

We work with customers to provide performance material solutions  in a wide variety of sectors. From surfboard bags and bike cases for the sports market to vaccine carriers and reusable packaging for global logistics businesses. Paua materials protect your products and equipment better than anything else on the market.






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