A drone delivery box manufactured from Paua’s materials technology (the “SkyPod”) has been successfully piloted in a first of its kind programme delivering Ebola vaccines and associated medications to remote areas.

The SkyPod can travel distances over 40km whilst maintaining the required minus 70 Celsius temperatures. Paua’s innovative, patent-pending materials technology produces the ultimate in impact and damage resistant, durable, fully recyclable and highly protective bags, boxes and cases for a range of applications. For this project, a global pharmaceutical giant identified the need for a reusable parcel shipper in the wake of devastating damage and life loss from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

Using its cutting-edge materials technology, Paua worked with Softbox Systems, who in turn worked with Direct Relief, Merck, Volans-I and AT&T, to create the SkyPod, allowing pharma companies to deliver medicines safely, quickly and in optimum form to remote locations. The SkyPod was successfully piloted in July 2019 in the Bahamas, representing a significant step forward both in biopharmaceutical supply chain innovation and in global humanitarian relief efforts.


*images courtesy of Softbox Systems Limited

We are immensely excited to see our technology being used to advance humanitarian relief efforts – it is great to be part of something which has such a positive impact.

Pete SymmsCEO of Paua