Initially developed to protect high value sports equipment, team Paua quickly realised the requirement for highly protective, but lightweight versatile bags, boxes and cases in the tactical industry.

Paua has been used in a number of tactical applications, from large pallet covers for logistics operations, to gun cases, small personal equipment pouches for mission-critical electronics, optics and medicines.

Paua can be customised to suit your particular requirements, and the top skin can be produced in a range of colours including camouflage. Paua is extremely versatile and can be made virtually bullet-proof, with additional layers of top skin increasing impact resistance, stiffness and general protective qualities.

Hard protective gun and optics cases

The performance of Paua Technology and its resistance under pressure has been independently researched, tested and proven.

This testing, in accordance with stringent industry standards, has verified the inimitable strength, durability and protective qualities of Paua Technology. The results emphatically demonstrate that Paua Technology outperforms the materials used in competitor products by a staggering margin.


Providing highly protective, lightweight and durable protective solutions. Tear and penetration resistant, Paua is the ultimate lightweight protection material that is both water resistant and fully recyclable.