Paua Technology can provide the customised protection that your customers need, because we appreciate that brands have highly specific requirements which must be met. By customising our technology to suit these needs, you can give your customer the ultimate in protective performance.

Paua Technology surpasses the performance benefits of any other competitor product or material currently available in the market. For a multitude of applications, it will be the optimum material to provide your customers with the unrivalled protection they need.


The top skin can be produced in a range of colours to fit your chosen branding and design. We will work with you, your OEMs and our manufacturers to get the best possible colour match for your application.


Fine decals and/or branding can be applied beneath surface films, permitting high quality designs to be added to products that maintain non-fading colour, are durable and have sustained longevity.


Paua Technology can be made virtually bullet-proof, with additional layers of top skin increasing impact resistance, stiffness and general protective qualities.


If your product is particularly susceptible to abrasion through its use, additional surface films can be applied to the top skin which substantially increases scratch resistance and significantly reduces any risk of tearing.


The inner foam used within Paua Tech can be of varied thickness and density, permitting the tailoring of bespoke properties as are required by your product.

paua product variants


Paua Technology is infinitely configurable, meaning that the level of protection applied to a particular product, or even key areas of a particular product, can be customised in every case.

As the most commonly requested layup for the ultimate in product protection, Paua Pro offers the full range of performance levels, every single one of which exceeds current market standards.

If you are concerned with applying extreme protection to only isolated areas of a product, Paua Lite is the answer. This hybrid lay-up provides very high protection throughout but concentrates the ultimate protective qualities of Paua Technology on the areas of particular damage concern.

The variations and applications of Paua Technology are limitless. Despite our global reach, we haven’t yet found a customer requiring a higher level of protection than that provided by Paua Pro, but we know Paua Technology can go further… and we look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of expectation.


Products can be constructed from separate foldable panel sections. These patent pending designs can be hinged and folded thus facilitating easy storage where needed and realising important volumetric savings on freight and transportation.

paua foldable